Before her mother could reach her, she swiped her brushes on the spot and wrote the characters of Dou Da, representing her hometown and fighting against famous calligraphers in neighboring counties. the same for decades.

Today, over ninety years old, she still sits still after breakfast every day, and I am amazed at her perseverance. Now, when I sit down and write.

Immediately, the mind is as calm as water, as if entering a paradise, and when there is a clear and clear pleasure, I realize that it is calligraphy to cultivate the body and mind.

To sublimate her personality, to integrate all things into one, and to help her go through the rough life with equanimity.

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(推荐阅读 沈蓓文集 东张西望——东方奇珍 中华瑰宝。)

The beauty is silent, the avenue is simple, and you can understand the world and travel freely. This is my favorite, but after the age of 60, I have time to sit down quietly, write a page and draw a picture every day. And because there are two places in China and the United States, no teachers are willing to accept such students, so they have to come to this so-called “self-taught”. It is impossible to learn without a teacher, but this is the most enjoyable time of the day, and I never tire of it!

People live to the end, interesting is more meaningful than useful. Because of fun, our lives are rich and elegant, and we will not become slaves to life. Chinese people regard calligraphy and painting as a good way to learn from nature and understand the world. I don’t know if I can get the Samadhi, but beauty can cultivate temperament, enrich life, nourish the heart, broaden horizons, enrich the spirit, recognize beauty and ugliness, and purify the soul. Self-cultivation is true. Whether dancing, writing, painting, or being a human being, beauty and fun are my unremitting pursuit throughout my life.

大美无言,大道至简,参悟天地,悠游其间 这是我的最爱,但岁至60后,才得空安安静静坐下来,每天写上一页字,画上一幅画。而且因为中美二地跑,没有老师愿收这样的学生,只好来它一个所谓“自学成才”。无师自通不可能,但这是一天中最享受的时光却是实,我乐此不疲!