This is my favorite, but it’s a mixed phenomenon. It wasn’t until nearly ancient times that I imitated my mother’s appearance, sat down quietly, and wrote a page every day and painted a picture. And because China and the United States are running two places, no teacher is willing to accept such students, so I have to come to it as a so-called “self-taught”. This is the most enjoyable time of the day, and I am not tired of it!

这才是我的最爱,可阴错阳差,直到近古稀,才模仿母亲的样子,安安静静坐下来,每天写上一页字,画上一幅画。而且因为中美二地跑,没有老师愿收这样的学生,只好来它一个所谓“自学成才.” 这是一天中最享受的时光,我乐此不疲!

People live to the end, fun is more meaningful than useful. Because of fun, our lives are rich and elegant, and we will not become slaves to life. Beauty can cultivate our temperament, enrich our lives, enrich our hearts, broaden our horizons, prosper our spirits, understand beauty and ugliness, and purify our hearts. Whether dancing, writing, painting, or being a human being, beauty is my unremitting pursuit throughout my life.