Life 人生

I was a carefree, contented, and a little confused person. Because it happened to be born in an era of magnificent waves and rapid changes in society, it was like a flat boat sailing out of the stormy waves, cusps and cusps of the Eighteenth Bay of the Yellow River or the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River. Chew carefully, sweet, sour, bitter and spicy, with mixed flavors.


Although I was frightened and weeping at that time, but now looking back, I feel that if there is only sweetness in a person’s life, it would be too monotonous, nutritionally inadequate, and life incomplete. The wonderful life experience is the greatest wealth of my life. What’s more, the story of the ship, from point to aspect, will inevitably reflect the thrill of that great era, so it has a taste of the situation and some value of writing it down.