Reporters always have the same assumption: “You must have loved dancing since childhood!”

Indeed, many accomplished people have ambitions, such as becoming scientists, artists, etc., and then go straight to their goals. I am not at all. In fact, my favorite since I was a child is climbing trees and meditation. It was the great wave of YangGe waist drums in the early days of liberation that involved me in the art team and became the first generation of professional dancers in modern China. In spite of this, I am very grateful for my career in dance, because it has no language barriers and is the best tool for me to spread Chinese culture and “tell Chinese stories well.”


But dance is an intuitive art, and it is really dry to describe with words. There are not many people who have seen my performance now. There was no video at that time, the photos were copied, and after several searches, I finally found some small photos that were inconspicuous and became the “fish that slipped through the net”. The rest of my life is vague, but it strung up my naive but simple, young, youthful and vigorous years. That is the most precious page in my life. My artistic career began from then on. The basic knowledge of dance profession, the perseverance and hard-working spirit of dancers, serious and rigorous work style, etc. were all the foundation laid at that time. Even though it’s a long time and fragmented memory, I occasionally talked about it, but my friend exclaimed after hearing it, “Isn’t this a history of Chinese dance?” So let me muster up the courage, bit by bit, and dedicate it. It is a memory and a testimony. .