Whether art or life is like building a pyramid, the bigger the base of knowledge, the higher can be built. The so-called roots are deep and leafy, “Kung Fu is outside the poem.” But I think at the beginning, how naive my attitude towards learning was. Before graduating from junior high school, he rolled up his luggage and moved to the art troupe. The head teacher at the time said: “You have such a good grade, don’t you have to wait for graduation from junior high school?

艺术也好,人生也好,都像造金字塔,知识的底盘越大,才能建得越高。所谓根深叶茂,“功夫在诗外”。但想当初,自己对学习的态度曾经是多么幼稚。 初中没毕业,就卷起行李往文工团搬,时任班主任说:“你成绩这么好,难道初中毕业都不等了?

“I didn’t look back. The result of this is innate deficiencies in culture. “The dead are gone, and those who come can follow! “I can only make up for it by “learning for a lifetime without stopping”. The recording here is just the crystallization of the experience of the process. The advantage is that because there is no pressure to write, the writing must be sent with emotion, and there is something to say. There is no empty talk, and there is no official article.