Once, during a meeting in Beijing, I came over intoxicated and said to me: Hi! We are a family uh. I said: You are Hunan and I am Zhejiang. He said: Don’t you know that Shen is a family in the world. He was right. A cousin of mine was working in the library of the Forbidden City and found Yixie’s “Genealogy of the Shen Family”.

It is said that because of a woman in the Shen family in the Tang Dynasty, she had a good character after entering the palace, and she was established in terms of restoring social stability after the Anshi Rebellion. Qi Gong, so the royal collection of the Shen family’s genealogy, there are dozens of books, recording the clan genealogy of the Shen family for more than a hundred generations. Unexpectedly, CCTV broadcasted a large-scale historical drama

有一次,北京开会,沈醉过来对我说:嗨!我们是一家人呃。我说:你是湖南,我是浙江。他说:你难道不知道,天下姓沈是一家。他说的没错。我的一位表嫂在故宫图书馆工作,发现一惬《沈氏家谱》,据说因为唐代沈氏有位女性,入宫为后,人品了得,在安史之乱后恢复社会安定方面立有奇功,所以沈家的家谱皇家珍藏, 有好几十本,记录了沈家百余代的氏族谱系。想不到不久前央视播出了一部大型历史剧

“Glory of the Tang Dynasty” not long ago, which is exactly what it was about. Of course, as a work of art, there are always many renderings, but it is mutually corroborated with the family tree of the Shen family collected in the Forbidden City. It can indeed show that something happened in history, and it has increased the weight of this family tree of the Shen family as a historical material.

In any case, in this set of genealogy, it is clearly recorded that the first ancestor of the Shen family was the tenth son of the Zhou Wenwang, and Ran Ji, the younger brother of the Zhou Wuwang, was named Shen Qiu. To me, one hundred and three generations, it stretches for more than three thousand years. It is the most complete family history that is rarely seen now.