Folk dances from all over the world 舞 者 沈 蓓 (六)

Folk Dances from All Over the World

Ukrainian Dance《乌克兰舞》

International cultural exchanges were very frequent at that time. Shanghai, an international metropolis, is even busier. Every year, the Opera House has the task of receiving a large number of foreign guests. In addition to observing, all foreign art troupes must learn the most representative outstanding dances of the other country and conduct substantive exchanges. This certain rule provides us with a shortcut for learning.

The visiting art delegations are all very high-level. Especially the Soviet Union and some Eastern European countries. For example, the “Little White Birch Model Dance Company” (Note), the scene they performed, even though it has passed by, is still in front of them as they were yesterday-a group of girls in typical Russian national costumes filed in and they did not seem to have “Hands dancing and dancing” seems to be attracted to each other only because of the power of nature and the call of mutual hearts.

The dignified, pure, broad statues of Russian girls flowed and changed. They have a variety of weather, and the harmony and tacit understanding in the cruising make the combination of the extraordinary beauty of form and the presentation of the national spirit seamless. The people’s artist of the former Soviet Union, Rejie Zhijinna, creatively brought the ring dance inherent in Russian folk to the extreme with extraordinary imagination and gave new life to it.

That time, we went to the Cultural Square to watch them rehearse. This stage is two or three times larger than usual, which makes the time-space relationship of dance very different from usual. It must be adjusted accordingly. Therefore, an appearance of less than half a minute was queued for more than half an hour, requiring each actor to pass through. The adjusted new flow rate is not badly mastered, making the changes of the stage screen like geometric figures or gears absolutely accurate and its rigor I will never forget.

In “Swan”, Na. Ritzkina has created a group of swans full of Russian sentiment that are totally different from the ballet “Swan Lake”. The girls wore white dresses and blue skirts flowing on the stage, vividly expressing the purity and freedom of swan swimming in the water, especially the use of the unique big white sleeves and ruby ​​rings of Russian clothing to show that they resemble “swans” and are better than “swans”. “The image of the group. All kinds of finishing touches are amazing. Such examples are too numerous to list, such as “Necklace”, “Cranberry Blossom” and so on. Although the works of “Little White Birch Dance Troupe” all have the uniform style of Russian ring dance, each show has its own personality and is absolutely not the same. The ingenious changes in the formation are unforgettable and breathtaking. Through the study of this program, I understand that the world of artistic creation is endless.

“Little White Birch Model Dance Troupe” is just a typical example. In fact, there are many others like this, such as the “Saber Dance” by the Soviet “Moisayev Folk Dance Troupe”, “You can cover the front and back!” (borrow from Bai Juyi Praise the sentence “Neon Feather Dance”.)…a group of cavalry in Cossack cloak, in the sound of orderly answering horse hooves, they came in, some of them were meditating, some were chatting and laughing, even, some While dozing off, suddenly, at the sound of the whistle, an encounter broke out. The big cloak flicked, the sword was unsheathed, the horse Feiteng, life and death fight, bloody battle, all happened in an instant, on the empty stage, so real, so vivid, so exciting, and breathtaking. The performances of this dance company are extremely rich and colorful, and Moysayif’s endless whims and ideas are dazzling, such as “Wrestling” in which an actor turns into a duo, and “The Clearing in the Woods”, all of his masterpieces.

In addition to the Soviet Union, other Asian, African and Latin American countries such as Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, and East Germany, as well as Japan, North Korea, Mexico, and Congo. The repertoires I studied and performed included “Ukrainian Dance”, “Vase Dance”, “Bavaria”, “Obelik”, “Russia”, “Madroka”, “Glade in the Forest” and so on.

Note: In 1948, the Russian people’s actor HC Nadezhina founded the “Little White Birch” dance art troupe. It is based on Russian traditional folk dance, drawing on folk legends, combining with classical ballet techniques, and creating a unique dance art style In the classic “Little White Birch”, the slender and dignified female dancer steps on light clouds, like a spring breeze passing by on the stage; everyone is dancing with white birch branches in their hands, and there are rustling green leaves on the tops of the branches.

The stage revolves around them, reminding people of Russia’s endless birch forest. These beautiful female images fully express the pure, simple and elegant beauty of Russian women, interpret the nation’s highest praise for beautiful and tough women, and present the soul of a nation. From then on, it has become unique on the international stage and has its footprints all over the world. More than 100 countries on five continents are known as “Russia’s most beautiful business card”.

East Asian Dance

In the 1950s, when the Shanghai Opera House followed Premier Chen Yifu’s visit to Southeast Asia, India, Thailand, Cambodia and other ancient civilizations with highly developed music and dance, they also learned many exquisite programs and brought them back, such as “Ajina Dream” and “Alari Bodhisattva”. “, “Umbrella Dance” and so on. These have become popular dance works of the opera house. The craze for oriental dance was aroused throughout the country.

In short, extensive contact and continuous learning have made our accumulated repertoire more and more abundant. The splendid dance art of the world takes turns to compete with each other, which makes us “informed.”


Hungarian Dance in the second scene of Swan Lake

The open attitude allows us to refuse to come. As early as 1954, we studied and participated in the performance of the world classic dance drama “Swan Lake” (they learned “Red Silk Dance”).

Theaterization, regularization, and professionalization, I think, the most important thing is the change from the concept of a political propaganda team to the construction of a world-class Chinese dance culture. I have already said that when I was a child, the term “artist” was almost synonymous with “beggar”. Even when Chinese drama reached the pinnacle of art due to its collection of great achievements, the outstanding artist would still be nothing more than a tribute to dignitaries. The “actress” who enjoys entertainment while chatting and laughing. Suddenly, the artist was given the title of “engineer of the human soul”. A sense of pride rose suddenly. Compared with the period of the cultural and industrial troupe, the theater-oriented, regularized and professionalized opera house is filled with a strong artistic atmosphere. Everyone has a great increase in artistic consciousness and has a strong sense of professionalism to become an “opera man”. One of the major features. There have been many outstanding dance artists, such as Shu Qiao, Zhang Jun, Li Zhonglin and so on.

At that time, everyone in the opera house focused on their careers, and it became common practice to study hard. When the actress stands on the shoulders of the actor in “Huagu Lantern”, even if she is only one person tall and there is no support on the side, she has to run like flying, and her legs are really weak at first. So, as soon as he was free, the boy took the initiative to pat his shoulder and said, come! stand on. Later, during the cleanup, the rehearsal hall of the opera dance team was as high as two people, but we never used ladders. Girls stood on the shoulders of the boys, working together. They both practiced and worked. As time passed, they became flat on the ground.

“Lotus Dance” is even more so, stepping on the steel ring that is equal to the ankle, not only does it fall by itself, but also has a domino rear-end effect. The whole stage falls down a blockbuster, and you can’t climb up, and you make a fool of yourself. Big. In the duet dance “Flying Heaven”, two long silks have to be popped out by the hand bowl with four or two twists, and the force reaches the end of the silk. It is neither over nor insufficient. If the silk is not good, it will give you a head and brain, and you will be embarrassed. In short, any excellent drama has its own unique tricks. The highlight is often its difficulty. To do what others cannot do requires double the sweat.

“Fan Dance” in North Korea does not seem to have any difficult skills, but it is not so easy to control the breath from beginning to end. It is not so easy to perform in a cultural square that is more than twice the size of a normal theater that year, and the movements must also be enlarged. Doubled, but at the same time the breath still has to maintain the gentle and smooth characteristics of Korean dance, which is equivalent to playing Tai Chi, the slower the lower, the deeper the kung fu, the more difficult it is. After a performance, all of them get down, say a hundred times. Somersaults are still tired. There is also the Hungarian “Bottle Dance”, which is lively and humorous, featuring dancing with a bottle of wine over the head.

In order to overcome this special technical difficulty, another landscape appeared in the opera house during that time-a group of girls with things on their heads could be seen everywhere, and they even put bowls on their heads when they went to the cafeteria to eat in line, “Kung Fu It’s worth it.” Later, each person filled a beautiful glass bottle with red water (replacement of wine), and stood on the stage, singing and dancing, leisurely and contentedly, even if it spins fast. Once, there were twelve programs in a party and eight of them were only me. As soon as the curtain closed, while running down, he pulled the zipper to change clothes, while others pulled the hair and changed the hairstyle. Up and down the next minute without stopping, despite this, still meticulous, there are a lot of necklaces and earrings, the jumping and spinning are accurately completed, enthusiasm, and full of emotions. After the last “Peacock Dance”, I insisted on the curtain call, but the curtain was just pulled. It fell to the ground and couldn’t get up. This is the spirit. If the curtain is not closed, it will not fall.

Under the influence of the great artistic dyeing vat of the opera house, I was gradually trained.


Hungarian Bottle Dance





Zhongnanhai Show Curtain Call

《小白桦模范舞蹈团》只是一个典型而已,事实上像这样的还有许多许多,如苏联的“莫伊赛也夫民间舞蹈团”的 《马刀舞》,“可掩前后!”(借用白居易赞“霓裳羽衣舞”句。)……一群穿着哥萨克大氅的骑兵,在的答有序的马蹄声中,款款而来,他们有的在冥想,有的在低声说笑,甚至,有的在打瞌睡,突然,哨声响处,一场遭遇战突发。大氅一甩,刀出鞘,马飞腾,生死搏杀,浴血奋战,都发生在一瞬间,发生在那空无一物的舞台上,那么的真实,那么的传神,那么的扣人心弦,令人屏息。这个舞团的节目极其丰富多彩,莫也赛伊夫层出不穷的奇思妙想,叫人眼花缭乱,譬如一个演员变身双人的《摔跤》,还有《林中空地》,都是他的杰作。


Little White Birch Model Dance Group

(注) 《小白桦模范舞蹈团》





Indian Dance