On Tour: 10 European Countries 出访欧洲十国 (八)

On Tour: 10 European Countries 出访欧洲十国

The Drunken Concubine – Peking Opera Backstage《贵妃醉酒》

In 1956, I was tumbling in the happiness honey and won another first prize. I was selected to participate in the Chinese Art Troupe and visited Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, East Germany, West Germany, and the Soviet Union. China, when he was 20 years old.

In China, art visits have always been an important part of diplomatic expansion. But before that, most of the government took the lead, and the art troupe was only attached to the government delegation, which was the icing on the cake for state visits. But this time we did the opposite. The general order we received was to serve as an “advanced team” to pave the way for the government’s visit. The general political situation at that time was that the Chinese government was actively targeting the establishment of diplomatic relations with West Germany (the Federal Republic of Germany) in order to break through the Western blockade. Germany’s attitude is still between half-push and half-stop, and the situation is subtle.

The task given by the central government is to add a fire and cook the duck. This practice of artists taking the lead and warming up for the establishment of diplomatic relations with the government in the near future is quite different from the previous practice of establishing diplomatic relations and paving the way for the government, and then the artist would give courtesy thanks. In other words, the art troupe is an independent fighting echelon in the overall situation, which at the time was a breakthrough in the conventional and innovative nature. We are faced with a situation where there is no diplomatic relationship and are not invited. The strategy is: always go around West Germany to let the influence of Chinese art deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and then ask French performance companies as intermediaries to enter in the form of commercial performances.

This was my lucky moment, because of this we had more space than the previous group. “Get in”, what do you rely on? The so-called “Let the influence of Chinese art deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, until other performance agencies can’t sit still and see that there is a big advantage in it, so they must come and invite.” To put it bluntly, it is to take the market economy route, relying on your product-art — can to win the right to speak. Therefore, this group pays special attention to art. In fact, we did finally break into West Germany by virtue of the power of art. We spent more than two months in West Germany. More than a dozen cities were filled with venues. Everyone was arguing about the level of Chinese art in the headlines on the Daily News. During the performance, the audience kept chanting “Bravo!” and even clapped their hands and stomped their feet, almost bringing down the house.

The curtain call was as many as eight times, and flowers were thrown up from the stage, countless flowers flying around on the head, the scene was extremely enthusiastic. This shows that our Eastern art can also be accepted by the West. On the other hand, I also saw the enthusiasm of the German audience, regardless of their seriousness and unsmiling at work, but a fanatical enthusiasm for art.

After the performance, a buffet was held to entertain celebrities in the German literature and art circles, diplomatic officials, as well as envoys, consulate staff and military representatives from various countries in Germany. There will be more than 300 people. Except for the invitation returned by the United States, almost all the other invitees came. At the dinner party, I first talked with a famous dancer, and then many other movie and drama stars also joined in. They unanimously stated that this was their first exposure to Chinese art. I was very surprised because of our way of expression. The familiar ones are completely different. But it’s very beautiful, superb and easy to understand.

The colors are bold, and I even noticed that the “hands” are particularly beautiful, using many words such as “soft” and “glamorous”. My favorite is “Lotus Dance”. Because of constant arguing, I have to come backstage after the show to see if we wear skates to decide whether we are going to win or lose. An evening newspaper wrote: “Listening to Chinese music, I forgot Schubert and Beethoven. You must know that Germany only began to know how to calculate its own age when China had such profound music!”

In addition to art, many other issues were also talked about. Europeans really don’t understand China too much, so they are very curious, ask questions, and are interested in everything, such as love, food, lifestyle, text reforms, etc. , The entire dinner party lasted for more than two hours. It was past midnight, and everyone was still unhappy. They said that they always thought China was very far away, but today they feel very close. “
What could be happier for an actor than to be loved by the audience! (Note: If you are interested and want to know more, you can read my anthology: “Running East and West-Travel Notes”)

This group’s special emphasis on art is also reflected in its strong strength. The personnel are deployed from all over the country, and the famous artists gather, invade and irritate them, and have a profound impact on my artistic growth. For example, Tong Zhiling. (Note) Tong Zhiling’s “The Drunken Concubine” is already well-known for a long time, but she still thinks about it from time to time, and she is not ashamed to ask even a small actor like me. She is usually sociable, but before the show, she never laughs and concentrates on it.

Because I have a foundation in opera, they sent me to run the trick for her and handed her wine with a fan in “The Drunken Concubine”. Unexpectedly, I would have a year-long friendship with Tong Zhiling, a famous artist. I know many stories behind the glorious aura of celebrities, the bitter lonely childhood, the inhuman academic career, how tortured and humiliated while growing up, and what it takes after becoming famous The courage to persevere and take responsibility, after all, when it comes to Peking Opera, the blood is boiled with no regrets. All this made me, a fledgling person with a relatively simple family and life experience, exposed to a whole new world, which has enlightenment meaning for me to understand art and life.

There were many friends: Peking opera artists Wang Zhengping, Wu Chou Zhang Youfu, and Yue Opera Hua Dan Li Ruiying, who are ranked nationally. Everyone stayed together all day to talk about art and talk. Life was a joy. The most incredible thing is that I don’t know if it’s because of the consonance, or because we have a special affection with Kunming, and I have forged a life-and-death relationship with the famous Wudan Guan Weiyu (Note), one of the best in the country.

Guan Qiyi has a righteous spirit in dealing with things, and has a chivalrous sentiment and bold spirit. She treats art meticulously. Everywhere she goes, she doesn’t care about life, where she lives, and rarely participates in those social activities that make her appearance. The first thing is to go straight to the theater, go to the stage, carry a cheongsam to practice exercises and walk on stage. I have been in the same industry for more than half a year without an exception; I have performed more than hundreds of times together, and I have never missed a performance of such a difficult performance, with an accuracy of %100. This kind of dedicated and dedicated professionalism and professional ethics still awe me when I think of it, and it has become a spiritual force in my subsequent art career.

At the end of the art troupe, Guan Yiwei returned to her Yunnan, and I returned to my Shanghai. She performed her Peking opera and I danced my dance. The vast crowd, a life in the dark, who would have thought that the last night of her life was actually Spent it with me, digging my heart out and talking to my heart. Although this is something later, but looking back on the past, I really feel that the world is unpredictable! Or there is indeed a word “fate” in the world. Fate has allowed me to make so many rare teachers and friends, who will guide me and guide me through the wind and rain, never give up, and become An indispensable spiritual force.

I entered the door of the performing arts, and it was entirely a matter of inconsistency. So before that, I lacked the full-hearted devotion like Zhang Jun, Wang Qin and others, (enjoy), dance art has not really entered my heart. This is an important reason why I haven’t been in a good state for a long time. And this time going abroad, due to the simultaneous effect of the two internal and external factors of stepping into the world stage and getting along with many top artists, I have made a leap in my understanding and gained a perceptual insight into the charm, value, and meaning of art. . Until then, I began to have a heartfelt love and devotion to the dance I was engaged in. When I was engaged in art, I would never really get started without the passion and sentiment from my heart. This change was not clear at the time, it was just bit by bit, but dripping through the rocks, it made me who came later.

The ancients said: “Reading thousands of books, traveling thousands of miles” should say “Go abroad and look at the world.” This is the biggest gain from this trip abroad. But “traveling thousands of miles” is not that simple. When I went abroad that year, I was both excited and curious. I had lunch at the first stop in Ulaanbaatar, and they were all my favorites such as milk yellow fried steak, so I let go of the feast, and boarded the plane again. I was experiencing strong convective weather when I was on Lake Baikal. I was in a small plane, and I was thrown like a bungee jumping. Next, I was like a pendulum. There were only two movements of vomiting and leaning back at night. When I arrived at Kurkeske, I vomited all the bitterness and almost lifted off the plane. Soviet friends set up a feast for us, but I seemed to be tossing about on a plane. That day, there was a fish dish specially prepared for a special friend.

It is said that the nutrition is very good, and the astronauts of the Soviet Union at that time ate it. When the pan of pink roe trembling came to me, with a wow, I started the second round of vomiting. I felt that my stomach was about to turn out, and the injection was stopped. When I heard When I was about to get on the plane, I was so bold and famous that I was so frightened that I refused to go up. The doctor could only give me airsick medicine, and fell asleep all the way to Moscow. What’s interesting is that from then on, I’ve been reborn, and I’ve been at ease with the tenth-level wind and waves on the sea.

This experience does not seem to be directly related to performance, but it is actually an indispensable lesson in the career of an actor. Once Liu Xiaolintong told me that now he has only two places in his life-on the stage and in the car. Ordinary people watch TV at home comfortably, only seeing the glamour of the actors, it is difficult to know their hardships.





出国剧照《采茶扑蝶》Performances Abroad: Picking Tea and Butterflies




除了艺术,也还谈到许多其他问题,欧洲人对中国真的是太不了解了,所以非常好奇,问东问西,对什么都有兴趣,比如爱情、饮食、生活习惯、文字改革等等,整个餐会进行了两个多小时,过午夜了,大家还兴犹未尽,都说一直觉得中国非常遥远,但今天又觉得非常亲近。”   一个演员还有什么比受观众爱戴更幸福的呢!(注:若有兴趣,想了解更多,可看我的文集:《东跑西颠——游记》)



Famous Peking opera performing artist and actress. (1922~1995)






Guan Sushuang (1928-March 6, 1992)



古人云:“读万卷书,行万里路” 应该说“走出国门,放眼世界”。才是这次出国最大的收获。但“行万里路”也不是那么简单。那年出国,既兴奋又好奇,飞机上东跑西颠一点都不老实。第一站乌兰巴托吃午饭,又都是牛奶黄油炸牛排这些我的最爱,便放开大快朵颐,吃完重新登机,不料升空那一刻,五脏六腑就跳起舞来,在过贝加尔湖的时候正遇强对流天气,那时乘的是小飞机,被抛的就像现如今的蹦极一般,接下去,我就如一只钟摆,只剩下前吐后仰两个动作,晚上到库尔克斯克时,连苦水都吐光,几乎是抬下飞机的。苏联朋友为我们设了盛宴,可我就像还在飞机上翻腾。那天有一道专为特别尊贵的朋友准备的菜——马哈鱼子。