Opera 歌剧 (十一)

Opera 歌剧

Opera “Liu Hulan” (Role: Mother) 歌剧《刘胡兰》母亲

Although my main focus has gradually shifted since then, there is one more thing worth mentioning in my career as an actor, that is, I have acted in two operas, and I am not a legend, but a protagonist with a name and a surname!

During the period when I was pregnant and gave birth to a child, the troupe arranged “Sister Liu” with singing and dancing, which just carried forward the longs of folk song and dance troupe and was very popular. Encouraged, “Liu Hulan” was ranked again in the second half of 1962. The Zhejiang Folk Song and Dance Ensemble originally had only singing teams, dance teams, and bands, and did not have an opera system. It could only continue the style of the cultural troupe. The whole group had a game of chess, breaking professionalism, and using it uniformly. I’m an old actor, so I was assigned to play Liu Hulan’s mother. Although it was not the first heroine, there was a highlight. When Liu Hulan was captured, there was a long aria. My voice is clear, my natural voice is high, and I have a so-called golden voice.

But during the rehearsal, I was repeatedly praised by the director, saying that I was devoted and passionate in acting. I also said that I have strong physical expression. Hu Lanzi blocked me when he was taken away. The angry and sorrowful mood was accurate and strong without words. Unlike some actors who always think about the resonance position of the sound, they only sing and sing. I remember the performance of “Liu Hulan” when I went to Zhoushan during the Spring Festival of 63 to show my condolences to the troops. Because it was still in a difficult period, there was no food for supper, but there were yellow croakers. The troops would entertain us one by one and one fried yellow croaker for supper. At that time, the incense that came out of the cooking room! Everyone salivates when they smell it. I have been suffering from mild swelling due to long-term overload and working hard to make ends meet. I did not expect to eat the high-protein yellow croaker midnight snack at this stage.

Although the performance in the countryside has been described in detail in the section “Light Cavalry Team”, it is worthwhile to write a few more words about the team this year. That year, as part of the Four Cleansing Movement, the Zhejiang Song and Dance Troupe was divided into three teams to perform in the countryside. Han Yongyan, the deputy secretary of the third team leader, because he loves to eat, drink and talk about the benefits, the performance route should be arranged in a wealthy place with good food and drink. If you find a reason, you can rest on the spot, and everyone is happy; the second team Led by Liu Shikun, the deputy head of the regiment, he was good for his fame and fame, looking for those leaders who could see it to slander and confuse his eyes. Although he went to places like Sanmen and Xianju, he was still poor in the past, but he still led a group of people. The girl went to the dance party organized by the county party committee, and it happened that the head of the parent official left the folk band Feng Moumou for the night; Gao Ziming, the secretary of the leading branch of our team, couldn’t come to them. How to do it hard can truly serve the poor and transform the intellectuals.

The most unbelievable thing is that we received a notification from the superiors during the performance, that an area on our performance route had broken out of malaria, which has now been designated as an infectious disease endemic area and closed down. However, Gao Ziming said: The more this time, this kind of place, the more we should go. With an order, we drove into the lockdown area. The result is conceivable: the team members one by one, even Gao Ziming himself fell ill, but had a high fever, he also issued an order: “You can’t withdraw, you must stick to the end.” You know, the team is a carrot and a pit. , I fell ill, but not only the work of this individual should be shared by everyone, but also the burden of taking care of the patients. I have more and more programs, more and more things on my back, and less and less sleep time.

When faced with a difficult situation, people with poor health will fall first. Good health can always last longer, but when those with good health fall, they must be the heaviest. It is said that this is the case when crossing the snow-capped mountains and grasslands. Unfortunately, I am the one with the best physique. After all the members fell ill in turn, I started to have a fever, but no one can top my show, so I took a shot and insisted on going on stage. After the finale of the show “Capture the Seal”, my eyes went dark and a somersault came from the stage. Falling up and down, (the grass platform built with door panels, there is no escalator for the lower stage.) Fortunately, Zhou Dean, who played my husband’s old farmer, walked in front and caught it.

Fortunately, we didn’t change on foot that night. A truck drove us over, but even so, the performance site was far from the parking lot. It was the dance team Yu Bozhong who carried me all the way to the car. Many years later, he still said: “On weekdays, rehearsal dance lifts, Shen Bei is the lightest. Why is it so heavy that day, like a dead pig, I almost collapsed after finding the car.” At this time, the fever was so high that I lost consciousness and passed out. Isn’t that the same as a dead pig? ! When I arrived in the car, people didn’t know where to find some ice cubes and rubbed it hard for me, only then slowly woke up.

Fortunately, a special medical team has been dispatched to the affected area to immediately take measures to prescribe the right medicine. Fortunately, the next one a hundred miles away, and the last point of this performance, is a large orchard specializing in the production of “flat peaches”. It was the same as when I was pregnant. When picking flat peaches from the orchard, I have a great appetite. The flat peaches are big, juicy, and extremely delicious, and they accompanied me through those dangerous days. A few days later, the class returned to Korea. Of the three teams, we were the last to return to Hangzhou. It is considered that we insisted on completing the task successfully, and the whole group lined up to welcome. Most of the members of a team are injured and have not yet healed. Some support each other and some are on crutches. They look like a troop of defeated soldiers, shaking and sick. Only some family members are quietly talking aside: “Okay.” Poor! So pitiful!”

The sudden cultural revolution, the criticism of the “three highs”, “meat and egg actors” and “revisionist seedlings” interrupted my acting career. After the Cultural Revolution, some influential actors of my generation made their comebacks, and some people came to persuade me. I feel that dance should present the most beautiful things in front of people. As a dancer, I have no time for it, and I resolutely refuse to take the stage again. And thought that he had already put an end to his life as an actor. Unexpectedly, thirty-eight years later, at the age of sixty-eight, at the kind invitation of a friend, I made my debut in the United States and played a friendly role as the nanny in “Romeo and Juliet”. Not a few times in line, the director and partner both gave thumbs up. After watching the performance, my friend Yang Mo Niuhui unexpectedly said: “You have the best performance on the stage.” He also listed one, two, three and four reasons seriously, and I couldn’t breathe with laughter. It turned out that it was destined to end my actor’s life with this famous dance drama. So today I also use it to end the article describing my acting career.




The Squad 小分队




最最匪夷所思的是,演出途中接上级通知,在我们演出路线上的一个区域爆发了疟疾,现已划为传染病流行区加以封锁。高子明却说 :越是这种时候,这种地方,我们越应该去。一声令下,我们开进封锁区。可以想见的结果是:队员们一个接一个,连高子明自己也病倒了,可发着高烧,他还下达命令:“不能撤,一定要坚持到底。”要知道,小分队是一个萝卜一个坑,病倒一人,不但这个人的工作要大家分担,还要增加照顾病员的重担,我节目越来越多,背的东西越来越重,睡觉时间越来越少。




骤然而至的文化大革命,“三名三高”“肉蛋演员” “修正主义苗子“的批判,打断了我的演艺生涯。文革后,一些和我同代在全国有影响的演员纷纷复出,也有人来劝我。我却觉得舞蹈应把最美好的东西呈现在人们面前,作为舞蹈演员,我已光阴不再,坚决不肯再上台。并以为自己对作为演员的生命已经打上句号。万万没想到的是,事隔三十八年,六十八岁时,在朋友的盛情邀请下,我在美国又粉墨登场,友情出演《柔密欧与朱丽叶》中的奶妈。没排几次,导演和舞伴就都竖起了大拇指。好友杨墨牛辉等看演出后,竟众口一词,说::”满台你演得最好。“还认认真真地列出了一二三四理由,笑得我气都喘不过来。原来,命里注定,以这部著名舞剧来打上我演员生命的句号,才够分量。所以今天我也以它打上记述我演艺生涯的文章的句号。