Paintings 绘画

Shen Bei has loved the art of painting since she was a child, and participated in various art classes and training classes since she was a child. In these activities, she always excels.

Showing a special sensitivity to fine arts. Almost all the teachers in the class were amazed by her talent, and without exception suggested her to take the US exam
to become a professional artist. But by marriage, she eventually became a professional dancer. Retirement in 2005
After the break, I picked up the brush again. Do not want decades of dance career, in turn, greatly catalyzed her understanding of painting. people.

She praised her paintings for their bright and elegant colors, magnificent images, full of dynamism, and a kind of innate spirituality between the brush and ink. she pale
For fame and fortune, painting is purely for self-cultivation, not wanting all kinds of praise but unexpectedly, which is something she did not expect.

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沈蓓,从小热爱绘画艺术,从小参加各类 美术学习班、培训班,在这些活动中,她每每出类拔萃

显现出对 美术的特殊敏感性。几乎所有任课老师,均惊异于她的天赋, 无一例外的建议她考美

术学院,成为专业的美术工作者。但姻缘际 会,最后她成了一位专业舞蹈工作者。2005年二次退

休后,才重提画笔。不想数十年的舞蹈生涯,又反过 来,大大催化了她在绘画方面的悟性。人们

称赞她的画色彩明丽而 不失高雅,形象大气,充满动感,笔墨之间有一种与生具来的灵性 。她淡

泊名利,画画完全是为了修身养性,不想各种赞 誉却不期而至,这是她始料未及的。

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