Tea Mountain Dance

Grand Tea Mountain 大茶山

Based on the Yunnan lantern. It is said that a girl loves to dance, she is a carefree silly elder sister. Everyone provokes her and pretends not to dance with him, but she is not angry. If you don’t dance with me, I will dance by myself. Her optimism infected everyone, everyone, regardless of you and me, danced together. Probably I was a heartless silly elder sister at the time, so I played this role.

Here is another joke from when I was young. The essentials of Yunnan lantern dance is “Wai”, which means that no matter what kind of movement the performer does, the body must maintain the S movement, and the body must maintain the S movement left and right. The silly eldest sister I played exaggerated this swing especially according to the needs of the character’s plot.

Once I jumped so hard, I just listened to the “jump”, I felt too twisted, and the belt snapped off. At that time, they were wearing satin clothes and pants, very slippery. In a desperate situation, I clamped my waist with two elbows, and continued to twist my forearms to make everyone learn from me, and I finished the dance in the same way. Unexpectedly, this treatment was praised by everyone, saying that the “S” shape of the body was more prominent without the arms, and it also highlighted the comic style and creativity. Haha, this is really called “Cooking at the right time”, not inferior to Shu Qiao’s Lian Xiang last time.


这里又引出一段年轻时的笑话。云南花灯的舞蹈要领是“崴”,就是指表演者无论做什么样的动作,身体都要保持着S的动作,身体都要保持着S行的左右摆动。我演的傻大姐根据人物性格剧情的需要,更特别夸张这个摆动。有一次跳得正来劲儿,只听 “蹦”的一下,感觉扭得太厉害,裤带蹦断了。那时都是穿的段子衣裤,极滑。情急之中,我用两个胳膊肘把腰夹住,小臂继续带动身体扭得,做出让大家学我的样子,照样把全舞跳完。出乎意料的是,这个处理竟得到众口一词的好评,说不用手臂更突出了身体的“S”形,也更突出了喜剧风格,有创造性。哈哈,这才真叫“歪打正着”,不逊于上次舒巧的莲湘。

Tea Mountain Dance《大茶山》

Lantern Dance《花鼓灯》