The Gate of Revolution-Gate of Art Youth Art Troupe 舞 者 沈 蓓 (三)

The Gate of Revolution-Gate of Art Youth Art Troupe
革命大门-艺术大门   青年文工团 

It was the “years of burning passion”. In addition to fundraising for the charity performance, do you still beat the gongs and drums every three to five times? “Goodbye! Mom, don’t be sad, don’t be sad, and wish us a safe journey!” The passionate and generous singing sent farewell to the students who joined the army. But because of our age, our junior high school is out of the round, so we can only sigh on the side that we are not born in time, and we can’t keep up with the heroic age of throwing heads and blood.

In the summer of 1950, I participated in a summer camp organized by the Youth Art Troupe (Note). Every night, Ye Yinzhang and Yan Ji beat the drums, and Ye Ye and Zheng Qi taught us how to dance the Miao nationality. The two of them wore big braids, and they flicked and twirled with the drums, and their rash and unrestrained looks fascinated me.

Soon after school started in 1951, I was notified by the school to go to the Youth Art Troupe. The acquainted leader of the dance team, Bai Shui, sat in the middle of the hall and chatted with me for a while, taught me a few more moves for me to learn, and then returned to school. I just forgot it in my head, and didn’t even think about it. Why did I want to go to the art troupe all by myself. It once again confirmed my confusion, but the good thing is that my life is rarely disturbed by these things, and I still live my student life happily and carefree. After another month, one day, the teaching office suddenly notified me: “Mayor Chen Yi personally called and sent the Shanghai Youth Cultural and Artistic Troupe to the DPRK to show condolences to the ‘loveliest person.’ For an extremely glorious and arduous task, the art troupe has to add a new force. After an assessment, you have been officially admitted, and you should immediately report to the art troupe.”

What? I was selected to participate in the revolution, and I am going to North Korea soon, to the most difficult place, to undertake dangerous and arduous tasks! I did not return home, rolled up the blanket, and left behind the prestigious Chinese and Western schools that many people admired, and moved directly from the school to the art troupe. What I thought in my mind was that I finally stepped into the door of the revolution with rewards as I wished. I didn’t realize that the day I stepped into the door of the cultural troupe was the day I stepped into the door of art. This is how my professional art career began. It was 1951, exactly 70 years ago.

In the end, North Korea and I missed each other. When finally deciding on the list of personnel to go to North Korea, the superiors instructed that the situation on the battlefield in North Korea was severe and that the personnel going to North Korea must be over fifteen years old, and I was more than two months away from my 15th birthday when the condolences group departed. Ugh! Passionately looking forward to “going to the front line and going to the battlefield”, the difference between these two months has created a lifelong regret. But to be honest, “going to the battlefield” is really not a child’s play, not to mention the rain of bullets, the ice and snow, minus 30 or 40 degrees below zero, wearing thin dance clothes for continuous performances, sweating and hiding in the dripping ice cave, only forty-seven days, Youth Art Troupe At that time, many comrades who participated in the sympathy group to North Korea suffered from severe arthritis for life. Glory always goes hand in hand with sacrifice.

The group organized the new members into a group, and I was appointed as the group leader. I have always been a follower behind the older children, but in fact, among all my companions, I am still the youngest this time. Suddenly the old comrade went to North Korea and asked me to take charge of the left-behind group. I can’t help but feel the trust and responsibility of the leader. I dare not neglect and are always serious. To this day, when these old comrades who are now 80 to 9 years older than me, they would jokingly say that you are our first leader after joining the revolution, and I can immediately imagine that I must have been the same. The chicken feathers look like an arrow, and they blush. However, everything should lead by example, and the feeling of strict requirements everywhere is also good for tempering a person. A small burden has really played a big role in getting rid of my usual carelessness.

In any case, I stepped into the door of the revolution and lived the life of a civilian soldier. Why is it called a “warrior” in civil engineering? Because the so-called cultural work troupe is the cultural work propaganda team, which was originally part of the PLA establishment. At this time, although the Youth Art Troupe was placed under the local government (Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League.), it still maintained the same set of troops during the war. Life was tense and orderly. Every morning, every morning, when listening to the whistle, get up and run, every second counts. The housekeeping requirements are strict, the quilts are folded with corners, and personal items are placed uniformly. After returning from the exercise, the house had already called a big pot of food, and the cooks distributed them one by one, and even the group leader and instructor had to line up, all of them were equal. (Although they are all equal, they are not complete. For example, when the cook sees me, he will shake the spoon more silently because he is the youngest).

Then again, although fighters are “cultural and artistic” fighters after all. Since joining the Youth Arts and Crafts Troupe, art activities have been the norm, going to schools and factories, or performing performances, or holding classes every other way. When I left Shanghai to perform in the countryside by accident, he gave an order and set off with a backpack. The action was as agile as a soldier, and the backpack was as square as a piece of dried tofu like a soldier, all militarized.

Most of the performances are some programs that were created when they were brought by the liberated areas and when they went to North Korea for condolences, such as “Glorious Lantern”, “Happy News”, “Lianxiang”, “Big Yangge” and so on. “Victory Waist Drum” and “Advance Waist Drum” are the brands of the Youth Art Troupe, and they are very famous among various literary and artistic groups. There are also the duet dance “Balloon Gorge” that Ye Ye, Zheng Qi, Wang Qin, and Zhang Jie learned from North Korea; the Russian “Carriage Dance” performed by Ye Yinzhang, Yan Ji, He Si, Zhou Wei, and Yu Shancheng; Mo Ming’s solo “Turnover Dao Qing” is the most popular repertoire. The members of the cultural industry troupe came from all directions. Many of them came from poor backgrounds. For example, Wang Qin and other workers went to night schools in the underground party before liberation. Ye Yinzhang, originally a newsboy, has an outstanding talent for music and dance. There is also Situ Han, who later became a great conductor, and Wu Li, who became a great director. In short, there are a lot of talents. For half a century, they have become the pioneers and pillars of the new Chinese music and dance career. Their contributions are recorded in the annals of history. . And I just follow, singing and dancing happily all day long. Later, I asked Yu Shan and I to call the Korean double dance “Balloon Rhythm”, and it became clear that my dancing talent was not very good, and the movements were stiff, unlike Ye Ye Wang Qin and the others.

At that time, the life supply system was implemented. Every year, gray cloth uniforms and two sets of cotton-padded clothes were issued. All living needs such as board and lodging were provided by the organization. You don’t have to worry about yourself. Individuals just need to focus on work. In fact, this is not accurate. The economy was still very difficult just after liberation, and the funding of the art troupe was also the same. In fact, there were a group of old comrades such as Jin Ming, Fang Ping, Guo Ming, Wu Kexin, and Tao Minglan (the two of them were returned overseas Chinese). Wait, (it was only in my early twenties at the time.) Volunteer to teach at school. I don’t take any money I earn every month, and all of it is handed over to the league department to feed everyone. It’s just that most of the league members like me don’t know.

Although I don’t know, this kind of spirit and atmosphere permeates every cell of the body of the art troupe, enduring hardship first, making silent dedication, everyone loves me, and I love everyone. Those naive but young, pure, sincere, sunny, hard but extremely happy, vigorous and youthful years are the most precious page in my life. In fact, I only spent more than a year in the art troupe, but such a colorful, passionate, innocent life, I have had it in my life, that’s enough! Thank God for giving me such a beautiful youth. Life is happy when there are sincere ideals and beliefs. What’s more, a serious and rigorous attitude to life, agile and capable work, are the foundation laid at that time. Fourteen-five years old is a critical moment in the formation of a person’s outlook on life. I am very lucky to grow up in the embrace of the Youth Art Troupe.



1951年开学不久,接学校通知,让我到青年文工团去一趟。熟识的舞蹈队队长白水端坐大厅正中和我聊了一会儿,又教了几个动作让我学,然后就返校了。我就此把它忘在脑后,甚至连一丝儿也没去想一想,为什么独独要我一个人有事没事的往文工团跑一趟。它再一次印证了我的糊涂,但好处是,我的生活很少受这些事的干扰,仍然快快活活无忧无虑的过我的学生生活。又过了个把月,一天,教导处突然通知我:“陈毅市长亲自点名,派上海青年文工团赴朝慰问 ‘最可爱的人’,(那时全国人民对志愿军的称呼。)为完成这极端光荣又艰苦的任务,文工团要增加一批生力军。经过考核,你已被正式录取,马上去文工团报到。”




上海青年文艺工作团 中国新民主主义青年团上海市工作委员会领导下的文艺宣传团。1949年5月在丹阳县成立,当时只有17人,都是解放前夕从上海撤退出去的青年中的中共党员、青年团员和进步学生。是年7月4日在华山路676号(今戏剧学院实验剧场)正式建团,团员增至80人左右。李云翔任团长、伍黎任副团长、李振家任中共党支部书记,下设音乐组、戏剧组、舞蹈组、美术组、创作组、行政室、资料室;另有一小型乐队。是年主要在各种庆典、游行、晚会上表演,节目有《胜利腰鼓》、《进军腰鼓》、活报剧、快板、说唱等。1950年举行音乐、戏剧、舞蹈晚会;是年又创作演出歌剧《生产立功》。1951年由伍黎、吴锡祺带队参加中国人民赴朝慰问团第三分团。是年还演出抗美援朝、镇反文艺创作晚会。此时,团员已增至108人。